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  • What is a Community Larder?
    We have partnered with the charity SOFEA to establish the Witney Food Revolution Community Larder. Community larder membership offers you access to a range of household food items, fruit and veg at a weekly hub. All food supplied is within its best before date (or manufacturer extended best before date) We also hope to provide discounts with local companies, special member events, tasting sessions and recipes. Memberships costs just £3.50 per week for individuals or £7 per week for a household/family. The idea behind the scheme is to reduce food waste, provide the community with access to nutritional foods and additional ad hoc services. The family membership allows you to choose 20 non-perishable items plusyour choice of fresh fruit and veg per week, and the individual, 10 (plus as much fruit and veg as you thinkyou will use). The community larder is open to absolutely anyone who wants to join, as long as you live within a 15 minute radius of Witney. The larder is open 48 weeks a year.
  • How do I sign up to Witney Community Larder?
    You can become a member at SOFEA or call Phone: 07377181472.
  • What is a Community Fridge?
    Hubbub coordinates the world’s largest Community Fridge Network with over 100 incredible community fridges running around the UK and plenty more setting up. A community fridge can be accessed by anyone in the community, and anyone can give to or take food from the fridge! There are some rules on what you can and cannot put in the fridge (for health and safety reasons), so do check this when you visit to find out more. All food supplied must be within it’s use by date and is usually surplus food collected from local supermarkets. We follow WRAP’s food redistribution guidelines for products with a best before date.
  • What are the Fridge's opening times?
    The Fridge is open to everyone: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 The Larder is open to members only: Wednesdays 15:00 - 19:00
  • How are you different from a food bank?
    A food-bank is a local provision that is able to provide a 3 day supply of food and other items for genuine emergencies for those who find themselves in temporary hardship, with no other source of money or support. Situations such as rising costs, homelessness, debt, unemployment, benefit review or family breakdown can all lead to difficulties for individuals or families. The Larder and Fridge provide a vehicle for food to be redistributed within the local community. They do not provide emergency food provision.
  • Do you receive a delivery 52 weeks a year?
    No, SOFEA provides food for 48 weeks per year. A Member pays for 48-week membership, spread over 12 months for a reduced cost.
  • How do I know the food is safe to eat?
    We check the food, monitor the temperature and clean the Fridge regularly. Users also have a responsibility – see our guidelines below and disclaimer. GUIDELINES: Heat up any cooked food until it is steaming hot (75°C), and not reheat it a second time. Wash all unpackaged foods, and packaged foods where necessary, before consumption. Any frozen food should must be completely thawed, cooked thoroughly where necessary, and consumed within 24 hours. Do not consume unpasteurised milk, cooked rice, raw milk cheeses, pâtés, bean sprouts, cooked food from an uncertified kitchen, products which could contain any of the above ingredients. Notify a member of staff if these items are found in the fridge. Use your senses; smelling and looking at the food before eating it, if in doubt don’t eat it! You take food from the fridge at your own risk, please read the disclaimer. DISCLAIMER Although we have put in place precautions to safeguard the hygiene and quality of all items in the Community Fridge, we may not be able to guarantee and verify all items donated to the fridge. Although the risk of food contamination is low, it is not zero. Users take food at their own risk and Witney Community Fridge is not liable for any harm caused to the fridge user in the event of products being contaminated.
  • Can you accept payment by cash?
    No, Community Larders are cashless, and based on members paying by direct debit, we can offer support to those who are in financially insecurity.
  • Do I have to be a Larder member to use the Fridge?
    No. Anyone can access the fridge during opening hours.
  • Can you give the food away to non-members?
    During a Community Larder, food sent by SOFEA is for Community Larder Members only, however any fresh produce left at the end of a session may be offered to the Witney Fridge.
  • How do you support families who cannot afford membership?
    Each Larder has access to discretionary memberships to appoint at their discretion. There also may be other funding available to support people for a short period of time. Members of the public can also donate memberships: Contact Sofea here: 01235 510774. Tell them you would like to buy a discretionary membership and donate it to Witney Community Larder. A single membership for 1 year is £178. Or £10 annual fee and £3.50 a week.
  • What is the membership process?
    Members sign up independently following a link form our website, alternatively there may be times where partners support the sign-up process in person or over the phone. Once a member is signed up, they can access their appointed larder straight away.
  • How much Fruit and Vegetables do members receive?
    Fruit and Vegetables are sent when available, there may be some weeks SOFEA have a shortage, each larder will be given an amount based on the membership level. We hope to be able to give members at least a choice of 4 items. Fruit and vegetables are provided in addition to 10 non perishable items for a single membership, 20 for a family membership.
  • What food can I donate?
    Food accepted: Packaged goods within ‘use by’ date Unpackaged fruit and veg that is still good to eat Food past its ‘best before’ date but within its ‘use by’ date that is still good to eat Lion stamped eggs
  • What food do you not accept?
    We do NOT accept: Raw meat or raw seafood Opened milk or other packaged food Half eaten food Any food previously frozen Any cooked food not from a registered food business Alcohol Beansprouts Cooked Rice
  • How do I donate food?
    1. Read the guidelines above on what food the Fridge accepts 2. Bring food along to the Fridge during opening hours 3. Give food to a volunteer to log donations
  • How can I get involved?
    Consider being a volunteer We need help manning the Larder and the Fridge, cleaning it, collecting food, taking deliveries, PR & marketing, admin, fundraising, drivers, you name it! To find out about current volunteering opportunities please click here or email us at Donate money Via our donation form By cheque payable to: Witney Community Fridge We DO NOT accept cash Donate a Membership for the Community Larder Contact SOFEA on: 01235 510774. Tell them you would like to buy a discretionary membership and donate it to the Witney Community Larder. A single membership for 1 year is £178. Or £10 annual fee and £3.50 a week. Donate Food Whilst the majority of our surplus comes from supermarkets, we also accept donations from the public. Whether you are a local business or an individual with extra food surplus, drop into the fridge or email us and we would be more than happy to accept. Do ensure that any donations are within their use by date, and follow our health and safety guidelines. Not sure onanything? Message us or pop in and speak to one of our volunteers. Visit us Make the Larder/Fridge part of your weekly shopping routine. This is the easiest and most efficient way you can get involved. We wouldn’t be able to operate without customers!  Follow us on social media Following us on social media is the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening. Across our platforms we post regular updates as well as tips on everything from how to reduce your food waste at home, to shopping seasonally. You can find us on: Instagram Facebook Contribute to our blog Always loved writing? We now have a community blog for people to share and express their ideas, on anything from food waste tips to what recipe you’ve been loving recently. We would love to read your contributions so please email us at
  • Do Larder Leaders and Volunteers get paid by SOFEA?
    SOFEA do not renumerate Partners or Volunteers.
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